Communications and Integrated Operations

Integrated operations strategy & implementation

The Voda Connect team specializes in communications, mobility infrastructure, integrated operational solutions, and industrial data networking.

Communications infrastructure

With a focus on system security, integrity and availability from physical infrastructure to technology systems, we ensure your integrated solution delivers.

Voice and data mobility systems

Hands on expertise in operational technology ensure we design and implement highly reliable secure communications for production systems and the operational layer.

IP network design and cyber-security

Of the many adjectives that a person can associate with modern network architecture, “secure” is probably the most important.


We believe at Voda Connect our clients are our business partners.

We offer a consultative & bespoke approach to identifying the best solution for business, focusing on providing efficient and effective unified communication solutions to keep businesses moving forward; and better help you connect with your people and customers while reducing costs; and identifying the best strategy to grow and scale.

With a Strong Network of partners; Voda Connect manages a Voice over Internet Protocol network. This network was designed specifically to provide Carrier Class applications.
Utilizing the latest technology in IP communications, Voda Connect can offer VoIP services that do not require complex and unique configurations on a project by project basis with ease and simplicity.

Our services range from consulting and network design; to actual deployment.

Voda Connect helps you develop your communication needs; that would otherwise be too costly and perhaps impossible without the necessary resources.


Our Vision

Vision for Voda Connect is to become a trusted adviser for medium to large companies and help them transform through engagement, action and simplicity.



Our core values make us who we are. As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us stay the same—putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our community.


3CX in the Cloud

Phone system in the cloud and guaranteed business grade ethernet service with managed router to perform bandwidth management.

Understanding Benefits of Business Grade Ethernet

Business grade ethernet service is a high-quality service with low latency and risk. Guaranteed speeds with high availability. Normal SLA of 99.95% of guaranteed uptime.

As ethernet service guarantees consistent speeds, bandwidth management can be implemented to reserve bandwidth for voice transmissions

Reserving bandwidth provides best quality, avoiding voice transmission being robbed of resourcing caused during heavy internet usage.


Paperless Local Number Portability – Full Portal Access with 24/7 Support

  • Global Number Allocation
  • Global Number Portability
  • Paperless Porting
  • Live calling statistics
  • Guaranteed CLI and DTMF support
  • Correct ringback tones in each country
  • Clear, natural audio and no compression
  • Minimal perceived voice delays


Access to networks that are built on centrally located, highly secure and extremely carrier-dense data centers. Access to 24 carrier exchange locations Your VoIP routing remains in-country. No looping.


All facilities offer sub-millisecond guaranteed access to international backbones. Sourcing additional budgets to obtain the best mix of upstream networks and high QoS metrics in each region.

Carrier Fabric

Designed and implemented peering agreements and physical meet-me room interconnects so that you can access virtually any carrier using the nearby facility in your geographic location. Choose from standard SIP transport over the public Internet or DC-local Ethernet access.

Low Latency

Physical proximity to cable heads and cross-ocean fiber landings guarantee the lowest latency available on the market. From Singapore to Cape Town to Stockholm, there is always a local SIP gateway available.


Un-cloud your VoIP
Cloud becomes fog when it goes down.

International voice carriers, banks and government agencies all use cloud technologies in one form or another. However, unlike resellers, carriers retain full control over their own cloud ecosystem. The cloud must be used responsively and not as means to cut costs, or outsource critical processes, or to bypass the engineering effort required to maintain BGP, ASN, IX peering and NOC requests.

Our Partners build, maintain and operate real Points of Presence. There are no corner cutting and no outsourcing of critical elements of voice infrastructure.

Flexibility and control without compromise
  • Hardware automation to quickly turn-up your services.
  • Equipment on hot standby to manage traffic spikes.
  • Massively underutilized by design, ready to scale instantly.
  • Redundant voice switches to achieve five nines reliability.
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